Nir Liberboim continues to be an active investor

Nir is a graduate of Harvard Business School and The University of Texas in Austin. He’s also a recurring panelist in the CNBC show, Power Pitch.
Her most recent job, DGNL Ventures, an early-stage venture capital finance, is an expansion of her entrepreneurial achievement. DGNL Ventures invests in startups which are smartly browsing the intersection of engineering, lifestyle, and actress. Formerly, Gruber has spent in such prominent firms as popchips, Living Proof (obtained by Unilever), Songza (acquired by Google), and Fashion GPS (currently Launchmetrics). Gruber has won a Peabody Award, a GLAAD Media Award, also 11 Emmy nominations for executive generating Project Runway. She was chosen among Harper’s Bazaar-Dolce & Gabbana’s Women to See 2014, among Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs of 2010, also was honored with more than 20 media business awards.
Throughout her agency, Total Picture, Desiree Gruber has been instrumental in creating a number of the world’s most prominent brands throughout fashion, entertainment, engineering, and retail, such as Victoria’s Secret, vitaminwater, and Living Proof, in addition to strategically guiding the professions of high-profile characters like Heidi Klum. She advises clients like Google, AOL, and Condé Nast Entertainment. And she’s helped create two of the most influential style properties of the previous 20 years–the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Project Runway.

Nir Liberboim continues to be an active investor and investor in the consumer area for more than 15 decades. He co-founded DGNL Ventures to purchase advanced consumer brands and operate together with enthusiastic entrepreneurs that are generating meaningful, lasting companies. Formerly, Nir founded Uprise Ventures to seed consumer-facing notions that disrupted conventional business models and leveraged important influencers to construct brand recognition and drive adoption. Nir’s investments comprise: ipsy, FabKids (obtained by JustFab), Sir Kensington’s (acquired by Unilever), Roadster, Merry Jane, Greats, KiwiCrate, Red’s All Natural and Boon & Gable.

Gruber approaches her philanthropic jobs with the identical fire that fuels her companies. She serves on the boards of the US Fund for UNICEF in New York,” Tech:NYC, a newly-launched non-profit representing New York City’s tech industry, and God’s Love We Deliver. She’s been profiled in a Lot of publications, such as O: The Oprah Magazine, Variety, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, New York Magazine, and Women’s Wear Daily.

Saryn prime

Remember SARYN? Saryn Prime is a new version of it. It’s time to fight poison with poison as said by the Executioner Ballas when he created the new sensational Saryn prime. If you are new, you might be wondering what it is. It’s a bioweapon like no other. It is made to fight the biggest threat of Orokin Empire, the Sentients.
Saryn Prime is the Primed modified version of Saryn, owning higher and superior armor, improved sprint speed, and increased energy capacity, on top of it an additional Madurai Pol polarity. These are some of the benefits you will see in Saryn Prime as compared to his regular version.
6th December 2017 was the day when it was announced that the Saryn Prime will be making an entry in the prime vaults and the relics will retire from the tables from 12th December 2017. Any other pre-existing components will remain as it is.
As you may know, like all other Prime warframes, you will get three options to get your Saryn Prime. The simplest one of all is to buy the Saryn’s Prime Access. You have to know that the prime access of Saryn Prime retired with the arrival of the next Prime warframe. The estimated duration of Prime Access is about three months.
For a warframe lover, this new addition has the following abilities in the store which you can use.
Saryn Prime has the ability to inflict target with an epidemiologic damage over time. With its help, you will be destroying the spore which will spread it to nearby enemies.
With shedding her skin like a snake, the Saryn Prime leaves a trap behind to attract fire from enemies.
Toxic lash
When Saryn prime is active, melee incursions burst spores triggering them to spread to nearby enemies.
Saryn prime can pollute the atmosphere with a severely poisonous mist which decomposes all enemies in range. It is known to inflict additional damage to enemies in toxin and viral effects.
Moreover, you should be surprised to know that the PS4 version of the game was the first one to gain access to Saryn prime of three global builds. It is also the first Warframe announced via a cinematic lore video.
Unlike what you are used to seeing in the Prime Warframes, this new addition of Saryn prime is exceptional because of its prominent additional color i.e. violet on her face and right thigh. As opposed to the mostly used monochromatic color themes used in other Prime Warframes except for gold ornamentation or energy color.

saryn prime
saryn prime

This trait is something Saryn Prime share with Trinity prime who has a predominantly red color on her body.
Saryn Prime together with Volt Prime retains the highest energy pool of all Warframes i.e. 200 at rank 0 and 300 at rank 30. You can have it increased to 600 with maxed Flow, reach 850 with Primed Flow and 880 with Primed Flow as well as with Endurance Drift.
Enjoy your time with this new addition and see what it can do.